Water Bowls

Water bowls (sometimes called “faucets”) are websites maintained by generous shibes that simply give out free dogecoins to anyone who enters their wallet address. (Update 2/4/14)

  • The Moon Race
  • CryptoBucket Faucet
  • Dogecoin Faucet
  • http://dogefoode.bidouille.org/
  • In Doge We Trust (use promo code: install gentoo)
  • Dogey Faucet
  • Pawcett
  • Wow Such Faucet
  • Silabsofts Faucet
  • Doge faucet
  • Free Dogecoin Faucet
  • http://bartstuff.eu/doge/
  • http://cryptolockup.com/doge
  • http://freedoge.we-mine.it
  • http://dogefaucet.tk
  • http://wickedos.net
  • http://doges.scratchnetworks.tk
  • http://thebitcoinmaster.com/dogecoin

Sometimes the water bowls run dry and there are no dogecoins left in them. Just try another.

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