PSA: v1.5 of Dogecoin officially released – make sure you update!

PSA: v1.5 of Dogecoin officially released – make sure you update!

We’re happy to announce the v1.5 release of Dogecoin. This major release moves Dogecoin up to match the latest Litecoin code base and includes several other tweaks to improve sync times dramatically.

We recommend all users update to v1.5 immediately. To update, simply overwrite your existing Dogecoin install. As always, please make regular backups of your wallet.dat file.


  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Source on Github

Please note that due to a change in the database engine being used, a reindex will be required initially off your previously downloaded blockchain data – this should be quick however, and a full blockchain resync should not be needed. Make sure to backup your data directory before updating If you experience issues getting the client to sync: please close the client, delete all files from your data directory (except wallet.dat), and try opening the client again.

For any other issues encountered, please report them on Github.


  • Updated code base to Litecoin (inherits all Litecoin updates since 0.6.*). Highlights include:
    • New database engine for block storage resulting in faster index/sync times
    • Implements txindex, reindex and walletnotify
    • Coin control options for advanced users
    • Overall increased stability
    • A range of security fixes
  • Graphical tweaks, including splash screen
  • New official DNS seed added ( for improved sync times
  • Updated PROTOCOL_VERSION for better node detection
  • New alert keys to allow for network-wide alert notification in future

Linux binaries will be distributed shortly, stay tuned

Note: If you’re seeing unconfirmed transactions or a low (potentially zero) balance, don’t panic! Wait for the reindexing to complete and everything will reappear, it just needs to reach the block where you received your previous DOGE

Note II: If you’re receiving an error related to “-server”, please delete the dogecoin.conf file from your data directory and restart the application. If for some reason you need server=1 enabled to use JSON-RPC, then set a very secure user/pass combo and restart the application. This is for your security.

Note III:* Windows connectivity issues fixed, we rebuilt using Boost 1.55 instead of Boost 1.54. Redownload and overwrite your existing 1.5 install from here.