Mining Guide Mac

First, download a dogecoin wallet from here. Open this up as soon as you download it, because syncing with the network will take a few hours.

iMacs / Mac Pros

Those mining dogecoin on a iMac or Mac Pro will have a easier time then people on laptops. Your computer will likely run much cooler than notebooks. Let’s make our life easy and get a mining client with a GUI. I recommend Asteroid. It’s free, open-sourced, and very easy to use. Once you have installed Asteroid, scroll on down to the section titled “Mining in Pools.”


If you have a old white MacBook or a MacBook Air, you might prefer buying dogecoins and hoping the market spikes. These devices simply don’t have the processing power (whether it be CPU or GPU) to be worth the time. Mining on a MacBook will simply generate more heat than using an iMac. As a precaution, I would recommend downloading and running SMC Fan Control. The program is easy to use, you can monitor your internal temperature easily, and you can ensure your MacBook will be okay. Now that you have a temperature monitor installed, you can go ahead and download Asteroid. This program is going to be used to mine for your dogecoins. Once this is downloaded, don’t run it yet. We still need to set up a pool. Continue to the following section.

Mining in Pools

Mining in and of itself is an intensive process. For most it would take weeks, if not years to mine a block of dogecoin. Because of this, networks have been created to solve this block in groups. The funds generated are then split amongst everybody in the pool, based on how much work they did. A more powerful CPU/GPU will result in more dogecoins. See this list of pools you can join. Sign up and move on to the next step.

Setting up your worker(s)

Now that you’ve joined a pool, it’s time to start mining! However, you can’t do it just yet. What’s left to do is relay the information from your mining client to your mining pool. Go ahead and open Asteroid (since that is what I am using for my example) and click on the drop-down menu that says “Edit Pool.” Click Other or Edit Pool, whichever vernacular is used in the client. Go ahead and give it a name, I simply called my doge. Then be sure to the coin type to litecoin (scrypt). Do not use bit coin (SHA-256)! You will not be able to mine for dogecoins. Dogecoin pools are pretty nice, because for the most part, they all use MPOS, a simply pool interface. On the left sidebar, you will find a link that says Getting Started. The page it links to will have the mining pool server information. Simply copy the STRATUM settings and port to their respective input boxes in your mining platform. the format will be stratum+tcp://website.something:port Example.

With that done, it’s time to designate workers through your mining pool. Go ahead and click on My Workers to set up a relay. Go ahead and fill out the input box for a new account and password. Once submitted, you have successfully generated a worker! Congratulations, you’re almost done! I tend to make my worker username that computer I am using to mine iMac/MacBook Pro. Whatever you choose. Make the password something easy you can remember.

Now it’s time to enter your worker information. The worker username your mining client will be asking for will follow the format of websiteUsername.workerName and your password will be the password provided recently. Example.

Click accept, and you should be done! Assuming the client does not start immediately (you will see when it starts), click the play/pause button on the empty bar. Wait five minutes, and if the client is not mining for coins, please drop a reply here. I will gladly assist you with any issues that arise.

If you are successfully mining, congratulations! I’m sure you’re going to want to collect the funds your computer generated! This is done via the mining pool. Click “my account” on the pool’s website, and pasting your payment address in the box provided. Some sites require that you reach a certain minimum before payout occurs. If this is so, set the value to the lowest available setting.

Increase Mining If you have a powerful computer, you can go ahead and boost up the intensity of your mining platform. What this does is increase the processing power dedicated to mining. Note: increasing intensity may lag out your computer to the point you need to do a hard-reboot. Gradually step up your intensity. Example.
I hope this guide was simple for you to follow, and helpful to get you mining dogecoins.

So where are my Dogecoins?

Dogecoins are only paid out after each block is found. Each block is worth a random number up to one million Dogecoins. Your pool will automatically take those Dogecoins and pass them out to each member of the pool based on the number of shares they earned. Shares are earned by contributing to the pool. If you contribute lots of computing power to the pool, you’ll get a lot of shares; if you contribute only a little computing power to the pool, you’ll only get a few shares. This keeps everything fair–those who do more will get more. You can track the computing power you’re contributing by tracking your hashrate. The pool’s hashrate is usually tracked too, it’s a good metric of everyone’s work combined to find the next block. The higher the pool hashrate, the quicker you’ll find that block, and the quicker everyone will get paid.

Blocks get more and more difficult to find. It’s good to get started early! Your pool likely tracks this estimated difficulty. Do note that the difficulty isn’t a perfect tell of how long it’ll take to find the block. Mining is very random: sometimes you’ll find a block right off the bat with only 5% of the estimated shares distributed and sometimes you’ll spend ages mining a block with 500% of the estimated shares distributed. That’s part of the fun! Think of mining as playing the lottery as a group where we all play and all agree to share the money if one of us wins. Tadaa!

Your pool will likely take a bit to verify the block after it has been found. Be patient! Give your pool some time before you try to cash out. Once you do, though, be sure to spread the joy of Dogecoin! Consider registering with the /r/dogecoin tipbot or setting up a faucet should you ever really strike it rich.


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