Learn how to use Dogecoin wallet

Dogecoins are stored in your digital wallet. Getting your personal wallet is as simple as downloading the Dogecoin wallet and double-clicking on it. You can use it immediately. (We will help you get some free DOGEs in the next step!)

  1. Download the wallet below
  2. Extract the ZIP file
  3. Double-click the “Dogecoin-qt.exe” program
  4. Wait for the Dogecoin program to synchronize with the rest of the Dogecoin community. (This is time consuming. It takes a long time, especially the first time.)

Use wallet

To receive doges, you must know your dogecoin address.

Click the “Much Receive” button.

Right-click on your first Dogecoin address and choose “Copy address”, or click an address then click the “Copy Address” button at the bottom.

Addresses look like this: DARz2kZRsxfSYLUBghMgssQgAvFbTx5Bk5

Addresses are CaSe SeNsiTiVe. Copy them. Do not type them.

Faucets (or “water bowls“) are sites that give out free doges. Visit some and paste in your Dogecoin address.

To receive Dogecoin from someone else, simply send them a Dogecoin address. You can make as many addresses as you like.