Dogecoin will not be capped at 100 billion

Dogecoin was meant to be capped at 100 billion coins, but the code does not actually implement this. It will grow beyond 100 billion coins because the block reward stays at 10,000 indefinitely. The developers have decided to leave the code as is. Read more about it on github.

The technical term for this is ”dogeflation.”

So what does this mean?

Reddit user dogedoughdoe had this to say.

“There wont be a cap on Dogecoin, like cash, more and more will be made. People will think its the end of the world but its probably the best in terms of keeping doge fun and inviting for newbies. If it is deflationary and the coins are capped, eventually we’ll all become old greedy shibes. Actually.. we wont even be shibes anymore, we shall return to human form. :-\”