Dogecoin 1.5.1 Released – Upgrade Now!

We’re happy to announce the release of Dogecoin version 1.5.1!

This release incorporates a range of updates from community contributors, some much needed bug fixes, plus some cool treats brought down-stream from the recent Bitcoin 0.9 release candidate.

We recommend all users update to the latest version and please report any issues you may encounter. As always, backup your wallet.dat file before updating (just to be safe).


  • Windows Installer
  • Windows Archive
  • Mac OS X App

Release highlights:

- Switched to Boost 1.55 to fix network connectivity issues on Windows
- Removal of reliance on IRC for discovering nodes
- Support for URL protocol, eg. dogecoin:addr?amount=xxx&(see Bitcoin’s implementation)
  • – Ability to automatically look up transactions on Dogechain from your client
  • – Working Windows setup script and installer
  • – Opt-in debug logging via -debuglog (to save disk space and stop constant writing)
  • – Fixed Mac Splashscreen’s greedy desktop behavior
  • – Reimplemented testnet, fixing RPC crash due to no genesis block being present
  • – Allow user to load any wallet from data directory specified using-wallet=mywallet.dat
  • – Updated to LevelDB 1.15 to address blockchain database corruption issues
  • – Allow user to send change only to specified address(es) using -change= (one -change parameter per address)
- Fixed RPC difficulty look up


If anyone experiences issues, delete all 1.4 data (apart from your backed up wallet.dat file) and do a fresh 1.5.1 install.