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Dogecoin in your hand. Such wow. Very awesome.

MYDOGE allows users to quickly and easily manage their Dogecoin wallet, while keeping up to date on how the currency is trading on digital markets. While the app currently doesn’t allow users to make purchases directly from the wallet, you can still share your wallet’s address by scanning your QR code.

A little about the app:

MYĐOGE is read-only. It can be used to monitor your Dogecoin at a glance, watch the markets or read about Dogecoin.

Share with Shibes
Show other Shibes your QR code, or email them your address. MYĐOGE makes it easy to share. Much awesome.

Limitless Wallet Storage
Using the built-in QR code reader add as many wallets as you like. MYĐOGE will keep you up to date on your balance.

Get the Moon Rocket ready.
Check it out on the app store for free!